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OTRY is bringing simplicity, reliability, and security to the traditional banking marketplace. Open an account, get set up, and make payments online easily and without fuss. We’re on a mission to help our clients simplify their banking.

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Taxable Legal Entities
(Canada BC, EEA, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.)

Non-Taxable Legal Entities
(the Caribbean region, Partnerships etc.)

Group A


Account opening fee









€200 / hour


Group b


account opening fee









€200 / hour


Get modern, fast banking with OTRY

OTRY is an easy to use, in your pocket online bank.

Founded in Canada but without geographical borders, OTRY is here to help to maintain and grow your business and personal processes. Our goal is to make your banking easier, safer, and more efficient, so you can concentrate on your business.

With our knowledge and experience of working with clients from around the world, our team understands and respects the cultural and religious differences that businesses may require in their banking system.

We offer consultation services on all aspects of your business, to help you make the right choices, helping you remain compliant with cultural and religious laws.

Simple, Fast and Modern

  • Tradition and Flexibility

    The banking world is constantly evolving and changing, our agile team is always on hand to help consult businesses across multiple industries on the best tools and latest information that can help you grow. Through secure, reliable, and transparent communication, OTRY is the business bank you have been looking for.

  • Canada based

    You can trace the origins of banking in Canada back to the colonial times, the first ‘local’ banking system was established in 1817 with the founding of the Bank of Montreal. Today, Canada is widely recognised as one of the safest and most progressive banking systems in the world.

  • Approach

    OTRY approaches each customer with individual care, thanks to our team, we know how to implement all the necessary tools to make your banking experience smooth and pain-free. This is down to our experience in traditional business banking, with our roots here, we understand the requirements of each customer, taking into account cultural, religious, and regional differences – this personal approach to each client is the foundation of OTRY.

  • Operating Environment

    OTRY is managed under the OFSI, our commitment to monitoring and reporting any financial sanctions is essential to our standing as a reputable bank. Operating under this license means that we are required to fulfil strict criteria, it also shows our standing as a reputable bank with a good history in the financial services industry. This allows our customers to bank with OTRY with confidence, safe in the knowledge we are working in compliance with all federal financial regulations.


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Your banking journey has lead you to us, so let’s get started on getting you the modern, convenient, and simple banking you deserve. Get started today with OTRY and simplify your banking experience.

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Intuitive UX

Easy online banking

Our system is crystal clear and easy to use – just the way it should be.


Industry-leading security

Industry-leading security to protect you from fraud activity.


We guard your details

We ensure the protection of your money, data, and transfers 24/7

Easy Startup

Just a few clicks.

We make opening an account easy. Get started with us today and start banking with more convenience.

Get details fast

New account within 24 hours

You don’t have to wait long to get your account information, you’ll be up and running within 24 hours.

ID verification

Your identity is verified

We make sure you’re the only one that can use your account by positively identifying you with our online ID verification.

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